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Are featured properties available for short term leases?

The general rule is all properties are available on a 12 month lease. If you require less than 12 months our Rental Manger will be able to find you suitable property, however, your choice of properties to view may be somewhat restricted. Please note 6 months is the minimum rental duration.

How much is the security deposit?

The security deposit is 2 months of the agreed rental rate.

Is the Lease Agreement in English?

Yes, the Lease Agreement is in English.

Can I have Internet and English speaking TV channels in my condo?

All condos and apartments we feature have the option of wifi internet and cable TV. Condos all have a private telephone line. You will not share your internet with another tenant in the condo.

How quickly can I move into the property?

All properties you view with Bangkok Property Services are normally ready to move into the same day.

Are all properties fully furnished?

Yes, almost all properties are fully furnished. If you require an unfurnished condo please call us as we will do an independent search from our database.

If I have a problem with the condo what do I do?

All condos have a maintenance team to help with any electrical and plumbing issues. If the condo maintenance team cannot help you call us and we will inform the landlady of the problem.

When my lease is finishing and I will be vacating the property do I need to give notice?

Yes, this is very important. 30 days before the lease expires you must notify Bangkok Property Services you are leaving. We will inform the landlady.

Are there any agency fees for tenants?

No, our services for renting and buying are free of charge for tenants.

Should you have further questions which need answering, please contact us:

+66 (0)89 44 33 612

+66 (0)89 44 33 612