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Signing a Lease Agreement for a condo, house and apartment in Bangkok

Factors to consider prior to Signing a Rental Lease Agreement
If you have just arrived in Bangkok and are desperate to leave your comfortable yet expensive hotel, it is actually possible to find a condo and move in the same day. One of our Rentals Managers will be able to show you a range of condos, apartments, or houses almost immediately, but remember, we can only draw up a short list of suitable properties from the information given to us, rental budget, preferred location, high rise or low rise, and required facilities such as a large swimming pool and gym etc. Therefore, even while you are viewing a property, it’s vital that you always voice your thoughts and first impressions as the more information we have about your requirements and expectations the quicker we can find you the place to live that’s right for you. 
The best advice we can give to anyone who is looking for a condo is to always tell the truth. Remember, the properties are not ours, and we have no emotional attachment to them. We appreciate brutal honestly; in fact, we love it. 
The following is a list of issues, not necessarily in order of importance as we each have our own boxes to tick, that you, as someone searching for the best property, will need to consider before signing on the dotted line. 
Travelling from Home To Work
Bangkok is a big city and, fortunately, one with a very reliable Mass Transportation system. However, with the humidity and the sheer number of people sharing your commute, travelling more than 40 minutes to work can begin to wear very thin after a while. As a guide, try to live within walking distance of a BTS station, i.e., no more than 10 minute walk or a short motorbike taxi or taxi ride, then a comfortable travelling time of 15-20 minutes on the BTS, and maybe a 10 minute walk to the office or perhaps another five minutes on a bike or in a cab. That is a comfortable 30 minute commute which is manageable 365 days a year. 
Age of the Property and the Building Management
As a renter you may not think this is very important, as you may only live there for a year, but naturally you still want that year to be a pleasant one. Old condos hold certain benefits such as they generally have larger balconies, thicker walls, and you often get a lot more square meters for your money. However, just like an old car can give you problems so can an old building. Water pipes leaking, old noisy air con units pumping out dirty air keeping you awake at night, and having to share your home with some unwanted residents such as cockroaches and termites. Have a good look around the wooden skirting boards to look for evidence of infestation and check under the sofa to see if there is a cockroach on its back, legs in the air that the maid has missed with her brush. Modern condos give greater peace of mind in this respect. They feel comfortable, bright, and most importantly clean. Internet and TV connections are nothing to worry about as the building will have new wires and boxes, resulting in more stable and faster connections, and the electricity bills will not be a worry as you will be using new economically friendly compressor units.
What’s included in the monthly Rental amount?
The figure agreed upon at the point of signing your lease agreement is the rent and this includes everything apart from the utility bills for your electricity and water as well as whatever other services you choose such as internet, TV package, and telephone line. Building Maintenance fees or Common Fees will be paid by the owner. Sadly, some property owners will quote you a cheaper rental rate to lure you in and then, on the day of signing the lease agreement, surprise you with an additional monthly charge of a few thousand baht for the Building Maintenance.
I have a very small dog!
As a general rule, condos and apartments do not allow dogs. In fact, there are very few Pet Friendly properties in Bangkok, and these may not be your first choice places to live in, but with a dog or cat, greater flexibility in terms of expectations and requirements is needed. If you and your beloved four- legged friend do move into a condo which is not Pet Friendly you run the risk of being reported and either you have to leave, which will result in you losing your 2 month Security Deposit, or your animal will have to go. Neither option will have a happy ending.
Location Location Location
Bangkok is a city which changes with every turn of a corner or from the position of the sun in the sky. Take, for example, the Nana to Asoke District Soi 4 – Soi 12 / Soi 1 – Soi 19. On a Monday morning it might all seem very relaxed and a convenient place to live as there is an obvious amount of places to eat and the condos are close to the BTS station. However, revisit the area around 9.30 at night and then decide if this is the area you wish to live in. Phrom Phong, Thonglor, Ekkamai, Ari and Sathorn offer great residential areas for families and working professionals to live in. 
What happens if I have a problem during my tenancy?
Problems do occur from time to time and it is nothing to worry about. All condos have a Maintenance Team on hand and they are usually 24hours a day. They will be able to fix all water and electrical issues such as leaking taps, broken toilet flush or an electrical socket. Should you have a problem with an electrical appliance, and this problem is not due to negligence, then the landlord or landlady should be able to call an engineer and have the issue fixed within a few days.
The Environment in and around the Development
Most of the time, people request to live as close to a BTS station as possible, and if the condo is actually located at the station then all the better. And yes, this is ideal in terms of location and convenience, but there are other factors to consider such as, can I hear the BTS from inside the condo? If I open the window or the balcony door, will the condo fill with street noise? Most of the time when you enter a condo, windows and balcony doors are closed and the air con is humming away in the background which hides any noise pollution seeping in the through the window panes. Therefore, don’t be afraid to tell the owner and agent to turn the air con off and to open a few windows. If you ever get shown a condo, and that condo overlooks a garden, have a look to see if there are any dogs in the garden as being woken up every morning by a barking dog is sure to be highly annoying. Also, be careful if you have a swimming pool view in a large condo. This can be noisy with children splashing around on a Saturday and Sunday morning. The above advice is a starting point to get you thinking about what factors need to be considered, and some do take longer than others. However, do remember that we can and will assist you in your search. We will guide you and point out not only the positives of a property but detail any known issues we are aware of and feel that it would be important for you to consider in regards to the building or the area. Ultimately, our aim is to place you in a condo you feel comfortable and safe in.