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Living near Phra kanong and On Nut BTS stations

For many-long term expats, Phra Khanong and On Nut were traditionally the outer limits of what they considered the more westernized and therefore livable sections of Sukhumvit, being that they were the final stations on the south-eastern end of the Sukhumvit line. However in August, 2011, the five station extension incorporating Bang Chak, Punnawithi, Udom Suk, Bang Na, and the terminal station Bearing was at long last opened. Bangkok is one of the fastest developing cities in the world and with the new stations and a further extension to Samut Prakan set to open in five years time, these are arguably the fastest growing parts of the capital, representing prime new land for people to invest in property, live, and do business. 

With areas such as Siam, Chitlom, Asoke, and Phrom Phong dominating the shopping scene in central Bangkok along the Sukhumvit line, it may be the case for some that south east of Ekkamai doesn’t offer your average shopaholic a great deal of options; however, that simply isn’t the case. Hop off at On Nut station after working hours and you’ll find one of the most vibrant, busy, and hip markets in the city at On Nut Square, directly adjacent to the huge Tesco Lotus. Here, the more streetwise young women of the capital trawl through the stalls for the latest trends at bargain prices. A short taxi ride down Bang Na Trat Road from either Bang Na or Udomsuk stations also affords shoppers the chance to visit a number of the larger lifestyle and home furnishings stores Index and Ikea as well as the Central Bang Na shopping Mall and the impossibly vast Mega Bangna complex. 

The aforementioned Mega Bangna as well as being a mecca for shoppers, is home to an incredibly large array of eateries including some of the best known Thai, Japanese, and western chains in Thailand. Naturally though, it is at the older and therefore more built-up areas Phra Khanong and On Nut where the greater number of dining options are to be found. Phra Khanong particularly is an excellent destination for those looking for good local and international food with restaurants such as Khua Kling Pak Sod for excellent southern Thai specialities, Akiyoshi’s Japanese shabu-shabu and sukiyaki, and Hua Seng Hong for mainland and Hong Kong Chinese fare. 

Of course, any areas adjacent to BTS stations and the condos that spring up around them are replete with excellent nightlife spots and between Phra Khanong and Udomsuk, there are almost too many to mention. For example, shoppers at On Nut Square and anyone else that cares to make the trip to On Nut, can enjoy the bars in the market serving up food and excellent live music. The long held belief that Phra Khanong was Ekkamai’s poor relation in terms of drinking options may soon be a thing of the past as great new bars and clubs open up all over the sois that dot the area and new bar areas are either opening or seeing their respective businesses booming near stations such as Punnawithi and Udom Suk

With land prices having been lower than other areas up until relatively recently and the areas in question still being reasonably central with good road links and their being traditionally large residential areas, from On Nut to Bang Na has arguably some of the best educational establishments in Bangkok. Near On Nut station, there is a Wells International School campus and a short walk from Punnawithi, there is the Anglo Singapore International School. The Bang Na and Udom Suk stations are short distances from the first class international schools of Berkeley and Patana while very near Bearing, parents have the option of St Andrews International School. Naturally too, there are plenty of hospitals to choose from such as Kluaynamthai Hospital, Manorom Hospital, and Thai Nakarin Hospital. 

There are a wealth of condos to choose from in these areas from ultra-modern newly built buildings to more established, older high quality residences. Those looking to take advantage of what Phra Khanong and the adjacent Ekkamai have to offer can take a look at the impressive Le Luk and Skype walk, The Wyne or the ever popular Life@Sukhumvit65. In On Nut, a great deal of inexpensive to mid-range condominiums are available a short walk from the BTS station, Tesco Lotus and the Big C including the affordable The Link, the spacious rooms of The Next, and the brand new Ideo Verve. While at Punnawithi and Udomsuk, prospective tenants have the options of excellent condos such as The Room 62, Ideo Mix 103, and Centric Scene 64. 

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