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How to rent a condo in bangkok

Traditionally, the role of a Real Estate Agency has been to purely help its clients in finding a home or a commercial property from where they can conduct business. In the West, agencies sometimes also thereafter take care of collecting rental payments on behalf of the landlord; however, in Thailand it is very rare for property owners to pay monthly management fees to Real Estate Agencies as most owners are happy to be involved and handle any issues that arise personally. Moreover, tenants generally have the condominium or Housing Compound Maintenance Team and Juristic Office to assist them. Nevertheless, we at Bangkok Property Services appreciate that many of our clients, particularly expats, may understandably have misgivings regarding having to deal only with the landlord from the moment they begin their tenancy. Living in a foreign country can bring with it many issues related to culture clashes and differing ways of doing business which is why Bangkok Property Services always aim to provide the most comprehensive of services to our clients. 
During Your Tenancy
Here at Bangkok Property Services we take no monthly maintenance fee from the landlord, but we continue to offer our services to the tenant and the landlord throughout the lease period. Our phones are always on and our email accounts are checked daily so should need to contact us for any reason, no matter how small, we are always happy to take your call and be of assistance without hesitation. 
There are several reasons why we continue to make our services available to all parties throughout the Lease period. The first is that we pride ourselves on providing unbiased first class customer service at all times to all parties involved. The second is peace of mind for the tenant. Living alone in a foreign country for what might be your first time can be a daunting prospect, and knowing help is on hand can certainly make your stay and transition to living in Thailand a more comfortable one. Even if it’s not necessarily related to the property, please don’t hesitate to contact us. For example, if you want to know where the nearest Post Office is, or which restaurant makes the most authentic Italian pizzas, we would be only too happy to help. Finally, we also want to maintain good relationships with the landlords by helping them too. Sometimes, they are out of the country in a different time zone, or their professions, such as doctors or pilots, could restrict their capability to answer phone calls and reply to emails.
We extend our service beyond that of many other companies in our field of work as a matter of course because we feel that it is not only important to create and maintain on-going, friendly, professional relationships with both tenants and landlords, but also that it is the right thing to do.
After Your Tenancy
After the lease period has come to an end, the tenant has moved out, and the keys are handed back, there is a standard procedure in place to make sure the Security Deposit is returned as quickly as possible to the tenant. A Security Deposit will usually be returned within a few weeks of a tenant moving out. The landlord must first wait for all utility bills to be finalised for the period of the property’s occupancy and delivered. Once these are cleared, the Security Deposit is returned minus any utility bill charges in cash or transferred to the bank of your choice along with proof of utility bill charges in the form of receipts that can be mailed or emailed to the tenant. We at Bangkok Property Services are again on hand during this process to answer any queries or liaise between all parties involved.