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Bangkok Condo Locations and Road and BTS guide

Bangkok is huge. From Don Mueng in the northern suburbs to Klongtoei in the south, from Thon Buri over the river in the west to Bang Kapi in the east, it is a gigantic, sprawling, vibrant monster of a metropolis. The Thai capital is at once energizing, awe-inspiring and daunting. People visiting the city as tourists or on business often come away from their trip absolutely loathing the city. As with most large conurbations in developing cities, it is hot, often dirty, smelly, and loud. A plac ... Read more..
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How to rent a condo in bangkok

Traditionally, the role of a Real Estate Agency has been to purely help its clients in finding a home or a commercial property from where they can conduct business. In the West, agencies sometimes also thereafter take care of collecting rental payments on behalf of the landlord; however, in Thailand it is very rare for property owners to pay monthly management fees to Real Estate Agencies as most owners are happy to be involved and handle any issues that arise personally. Moreover, tenants ge ... Read more..

Monthly Utility bills for condos, apartments and houses in Bangkok

Naturally, one of the things at the forefront of most people’s minds when moving into a new property is how much will they be spending each month on bills and how will they go about paying them. Here is a simple guide on the bills you will get and the different methods you have at your disposal to pay them.    Rent   This is quite clearly the most important bill to pay on time. Landlords always appreciate a tenant who doesn’t pay late and this may wo ... Read more..

Signing a Lease Agreement for a condo, house and apartment in Bangkok

  Factors to consider prior to Signing a Rental Lease Agreement   If you have just arrived in Bangkok and are desperate to leave your comfortable yet expensive hotel, it is actually possible to find a condo and move in the same day. One of our Rentals Managers will be able to show you a range of condos, apartments, or houses almost immediately, but remember, we can only draw up a short list of suitable properties from the information given to us, rental budget, preferred ... Read more..

Renting a house in Bangkok

  The Challenge of Finding a House   Visit most Bangkok real estate websites or simply look out the window while taking a taxi through the city, and you will likely get the impression that the Thai capital is a place where getting a condo or apartment is a very simple matter whereas opting for a house is a far more challenging undertaking. Below I would like to discuss whether this is true or not and provide some advice for anyone looking to find a house for a home here. ... Read more..

What is the difference between a condo and apartment in Bangkok

What is the Difference Between a Condo and an Apartment? Those of us who grew up in the west may not be familiar with the difference between an apartment and a condo. Some might say an apartment is a cheap low-rise building for low income people, and, while there are a great deal of apartments that cater to those on a far smaller budget, this definition is not technically correct. Simply put, an apartment is a building of self-contained units owned by one company. This company sets their ow ... Read more..

Bangkok Rental Market

The property market in Bangkok moves at a very a fast pace. Every day, new properties are planned, finalised and made available to prospective owners and clients; new condos become available while others are snapped up. This rapidly moving environment obviously poses a headache for anyone not familiar with it. Therefore, many seek out the help of a professional to show them what is available at any given time, to explain the advantages of the each property, and importantly how you can maximis ... Read more..

Living near Phra kanong and On Nut BTS stations

For many-long term expats, Phra Khanong and On Nut were traditionally the outer limits of what they considered the more westernized and therefore livable sections of Sukhumvit, being that they were the final stations on the south-eastern end of the Sukhumvit line. However in August, 2011, the five station extension incorporating Bang Chak, Punnawithi, Udom Suk, Bang Na, and the terminal station Bearing was at long last opened. Bangkok is one of the fastest developing cities in the world and w ... Read more..
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